There are so many beautiful locations that can provide stunning backdrops for photoshoots. Whether it's incorporating a photoshoot in to a family walk along the beach, choosing your favourite woodland park for images of the children, or a city scene for a real urban contemporary feel in senior photos, being somewhere you love or doing something you enjoy gives your final images a genuine sense of happiness and enjoyment,


Is there anything more scrumptious than a newborn baby? I just love their beautiful soft skin and wonderful smell that only newborn babies seem to have. These sessions are in the comfort or your own home and are flexible, As a Mum of three boys I know all to well that it can be difficult to makes with a newborn. A newborn session can last between 30 minutes or 4 hours depending on how baby is feeling. I go at their pace to ensure you capture these precious moments. Sessions are best when newborns are between 5-14 days old. 


Baby on Board

Pregnancy is such a special chapter in a women life  whether it's your first child or your fifth! The anticipation of what is to come with your precious little bundle can be both exciting and anxious. Treating yourself to a shoot where you can celebrate just how amazing your body is will be a wonderful keepsake.


They've done their exams and now it's time to celebrate leaving secondary school at Prom! I'm sure you've spent lots of time looking for the perfect dress (or maybe not so long looking for a suit) and booking their hair and make up.

This a milestone you're going to want to remember. Why not have some photos captured at home with friends and family before they head off in whatever transport you may have booked. This way you may even get to be in some with them!  


Cake Smash

Celebrate your little one's first birthday milestone with a cake smash shoot. With lots of mess and fun this is a great way to mark their special day. The session consists of some pre-smash shots and then let the fun commence when the cake comes out. We'll leave your little one to discover the cake while I capture those adorable expressions of curiosity and excitement. The fun doesn't end there. Get clean and fresh with lots of bubbles in the traditional tin bath and capture more entertaining images.